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About The Three Little Divas


Do you find yourself stressing about finances? Do you wish you had more cash flow, but you don’t know where to begin?

Then you need to meet our Divas! These sisters have had their own share of financial stress and we can learn from some of their mistakes.


Do You Know what they said?

Words from Our top readers

Pam W.

Brandy!  This is sooo good! I’m so proud of you.”

Leslie S.

“It is entertaining and actually makes financial planing enjoyable, something I never thought possible. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone,…”

Adrienne H.

I can’t wait to read The Three Little Divas!”

J.J. Montanaro

“Pick up this book if you want to learn the importance of financial goal setting.

Chammarrae B.

This book really helped me think about my finances differently.  I’m now ready to take steps to getting my finances in order.”

George H.

So excited to get my signed copy of The Story of Three Little Divas: Reach Your Goal in 3 Steps Before You Huff and Puff and Blow Your Next Paycheck Away by Brandy Baxter – wise words on smart money stewardship”

Kathy M.

Even as a retiree, I found this points in this book helpful.  I’ve got more goals to reach!”

Star W.

I absolutely loved the book from cover to cover. Brandy did an amazing job capturing my attention through her visualization techniques…” 

Drea L.

I couldn’t buy just one! I wanted more people to know about this great resource, I went ahead and ordered 10 copies!”

Work With Me

Let our Divas Be Your Guides

Do you ever wish you could just chat with your girlfriends about your money fears? Or perhaps you need someone to listen and understand because they have been there? Then you will definitely want to know our Divas! These ladies will pull back the curtain on their money mistakes and you will begin to see your situation in a brand new light.

Do you find yourself stressing about finances? Do you wish you had more cash flow, but you don’t know where to begin?

Sometimes, financial goals can seem out of reach. They can seem so far away that you don’t know where to begin. It’s important to you, but you seem to have a hard time getting started and staying motivated. Then you need to meet our Divas!

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I want to know more about the Divas!

I couldn’t put this book down!  It was a great read and at the end, I wanted to know more about the Divas.  How did they get into their situations? What happens to them next?  Did they reach their goals?  I need to know!

Kendra L.

I'm Ready for a Change!

Brandy, I just started reading my book. I want a change for 2020. I am Diva #1.  Girl, this workbook is causing me to think.  It’s more of a reality check when you write down stuff.  This is good! I have to finish this week.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Lequtia D.

More than just a book.

Hi Brandy! Thanks again for taking time out of your scheduule to connect this evening!!! Great conversation which prompted further conversation afteward. Love what you are about and love your book!  I’m so grateful that our paths crossed.   

Laquore M.


Hello this! The Three Little Divas have been created by Brandy Baxter, owner and Financial Coach at Living Abundantly. To learn more about additional financial coaching options, please visit our other website:


Author: Brandy Baxter, AFC, FFC